Doctoral program carrying the Spanish Ministry of Education's Pathway to Excellence award (valid during the academic years 2011-2012 and 2013-2014).

The purpose of the Doctoral Program in Economics and Business of the University of Granada **, is to train researchers with a high level of excellence and international orientation providing the knowledge and methodologies from which to address the scientific analysis of a wide range of issues specific to the economy and business. The specific objectives of the program are the following:

* To give a solid conceptual and methodological training in each of the academic fields included in the program. * To develop capacities of critical analysis and synthesis, of work and creativity, to carry out high-quality research. * To increase and promote transnational research.

Taking into account the training period and the research period:

The goal of the training period is to go into greater depth in and broaden the basic knowledge necessary to successfully approach the research period. This goal is to be pursued through the related master's programs.

The research period, which represents the doctoral studies, will take place within the field of a line of research in the program and its purpose is to gain the research skills and abilities which will enable students to subsequently find employment in the field.

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