Oferta de Movilidad

    • Any applicant must contact the researcher(s) indicated below before submitting an application in order to fix the details of the stay and agree on the research program
Designation Contact Person Vacancies
Mitochondrial biology in health and diseaseLuis C. López1
Studies of extracellular proteases in the tumor microenvironmentJuan Carlos Rodríguez-Manzaneque Escribano (jcrodriguez@ugr.es)1
Human Evolution: Physical and Forensic AnthropologyMiguel Botella5
Understanding the role of the IAP family in stem cell biologyFrancisco Abadía1
Extrapineal melatonin in agingDarío Acuña1
Biological therapies, targeted therapies and cancer stem cells. Identification of predictive tumor biomarkers, new diagnostic and therapeutic strategiesMaría Ángel García Chaves (mangelgarcia@ugr.es)1
The study of mesenchymal stromal cells (MSCs) for the treatment of autoimmune/inflammatory diseases and cancerPer Anderson (--LOGIN--c1882bda942e8038dabe78af53f6f531genyo[dot]es )1
The role of Glycoprotein A repetitions predominant (GARP)/LRRC32 in cancerPer Anderson(--LOGIN--c1882bda942e8038dabe78af53f6f531genyo[dot]es )1