Oferta Movilidad Estudiantes Internacionales

Designation Contact Person Vacancies
Development of thinking and reasoningSergio Moreno Ríos1
Sleep research: clinical trialsGualberto Buela-Casal, Alejandro Guillén Riquelme1
Bilingualism and Cognitive ControlDaniela Paolieri1
Research Methodology and measurement in Psychology and HealthJosé Luis Padilla García1
Development of attention and self-regulationM. Rosario Rueda1
Cognitive Nueroscience of AttentionJuan Lupiáñez Castillo1
Social Perception of Violence against WomenJesús López Megías1
Associative learning: perceptual learning and exposure effectsIsabel de Brugada1
Attention and ConsciousnessAna Chica1
Human Neuroscience of Cognitive Control: training in disciplines such as computer engineering, telecommunications, physical bioengineering or similar with interest in the field of functional magnetic resonance data analysisMaría Ruz1
Social psychology of inequalityRosa Rodríguez Bailón, Guillermo Willis1
Reading and Writing development and difficultiesFrancisca Serrano1
Psychophysiology and negative emotions: reactivity to danger / Psychophysiology of positive emotions: reactivity to safetyJaime Vila Castellar1
Individual differences on memory retrieval and forgettingTeresa Bajo1