Strategies for effective research publication

  • Nº de horas: 10
  • Descripción:

Obligatorio/Optativo : Optativo a juicio de la Comisión Académica del Programa tras informe del director o tutor.

Periodo de Realización: Primer, Segundo o Tercer año.

Estudiantes con dedicación a tiempo parcial: Excluir al estudiante de otras actividades.

Tipología: Formación Teórica y Práctica.

  • Outline:

The purposes of this workshop are to explain the features that make research articles in English communicate scientific findings effectively and efficiently, and to help participants learn to identify and implement these features themselves.

Part 1. International scientific, technical and medical research publishing: current aspects and readers’ needs
Part 2. Writing to make your results easy to understand
Part 3. Good scientific English style. Who can help you improve your writing? When can they help you?
Part 4. Good scientific English style. Make English your ally and not your opponent. Remember the readers’ needs.
Part 5. Peer review, feedback, and manuscript revision: Accept good advice but reject bad advice.
Part 6. Conclusion: Every journal is different, every editor is different, but good writing is always the same: clear, rigorous and convincing.

Lengua: Español

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The control of this activity will be carried out during the class time through different exercises.


• Ejercicios en clase: 60%
• Trabajos dirigidos: 30%
• Asistencia a clase: 10%
  • Actuaciones de movilidad: No requiere.