literature-3307681960720The Doctoral Programme, Lenguas, Textos y Contextos [Languages, Texts and Contexts] is part of the Doctoral School in Humanities, Social Sciences, and Law (EDHCSJ within the International School of Postgraduate Studies of the University of Granada. The research in this doctoral programme focuses on classical and modern languages and literatures as well as their cultural traditions and contexts. The interdisciplinary nature of this programme is thus ideal for theoretical as well as applied research projects within the spheres of Linguistics, Literature, and Translation and Interpreting.

These three research itineraries encompass the following subject areas: General Linguistics, Theory of Literature and Comparative Literature, Spanish Language, Spanish Literature, English Philology, German Philology, French Philology, Romance Philology, Italian Philology, Portuguese Philology, Catalan Philology, Arabic Philology, Hebrew Philology, Greek Philology, Latin Philology, Slavic Philology, and Translation and Interpreting.

ecolexicon (1)Lenguas, Textos y Contextos has a consolidated research infrastructure, which is an optimal context in which doctoral candidates can receive high-quality scientific training. It encompasses numerous research groups and funded research projects, which integrate postgraduate students in an international scientific network, mainly in Europe and America. This doctoral programme thus provides students with an excellent framework, in which they can conduct their research, complete their doctoral thesis, and obtain a PhD from the University of Granada, with an International Mention, when applicable. The international co-supervision of PhD theses is also strongly encouraged. The twelve research lines in this doctoral program offer a wide range of academic options, which students can choose from.


The main objective of Lenguas, Textos y Contextos is to train PhD candidates to carry out research in Philology, Linguistics, Literature, and Translation and Interpreting by providing them with the necessary methodological, theoretical, and technical knowledge that will allow them to respond to the needs of society within their chosen sphere.

Courses and activities are given in the Faculty of Arts and the Faculty of Translation and Interpreting of the University of Granada. The professors in the programme belong to the following ten university departments: Semitic Studies, French Philology, Greek and Slavonic Philology, Latin Philology, English and German Philology, Catalan, Portuguese, Galician, Italian, and Romance Philology, Spanish Language, and Translation and Interpreting. Also participating in this programme are various professors from national and international research institutes and universities of great prestige.