Program Organization

In this section, you will find information of special interest to doctoral candidates and professors of the doctoral program.

Regarding the doctoral candidates, inquiries can be made about issues related to special needs, training supplements, procedures for assigning tutors and directors, presentation of the thesis project, etc.

As for the faculty, you will find information related to the conditions and requirements to be part of the doctoral program or to apply for inclusion. This requirement is essential to be able to direct or co-direct theses. Also, the composition of the Research Plan Evaluation Committees can be consulted.

In addition to this, information about the international doctorate is included: joint supervisions, mobility, etc. This section is complemented by information on specific agreements and collaborations that the doctoral program maintains with other universities, networks and research groups, institutions, official bodies, etc.

Finally, the rules and specific procedures of the program can also be consulted, such as the rules for remaining in the doctoral program, the evaluation of articles, and the general and specific procedures for presenting and reporting documentation, etc.


Important Notices

Agreements reached in the CAD
Agreements reached in the CIGC

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Related Degrees

Related degrees with preferred access.

  • They offer courses and seminars as complementary training.