Oferta Movilidad Estudiantes Internacionales

Designation Contact Person Vacancies
Periodontal Medicine: periodontitis as a risk factor for cognitive impairment and/or dementia.Jose Antonio Gil Montoya1
Oncological phisiotherapy.Concepción Ruíz2
Epidemiology of infections.José Gutiérrez Fernández1
Life styles and prostate cancerJosé Juan Jiménez Moleón1
Cardiovascular disease and Diabetes prevention with Mediterranean diet. Aurora Bueno Cavanillas2
Chronicity, Palliative Care and End of LifeMª Paz García Caro1
Loss processes and Grief experiences: Evaluation and Intervention. Mª Paz García Caro1
Neurodevelopment, nutrition and healthcareEmilio Jiménez1
oxicogenetics: Influence of the interindividual genetic variability in genes encoding xenobiotic metabolizing enzymes, membrane transporters and receptors on the risk of various human cancer related to chemical exposures.Antonio Hernández Jerez1
The pathophysiology and treatment of inflammatory bowel disease and metabolic syndrome, either with drugs or with nutraceuticalsFermín Sánchez de Medina LH / Olga Martínez Augustín2